nasih013About me

Nasih Fatih Othman (د. ناصح فاتح عثمان قه‌ره‌داغی)

Birth place: Sulaimaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraq


University of Roehampton London, Online Faculty Member and Thesis Advisor

Work experience: Teaching, research, academic leadership, humanitarian assistance(NGO, UN), general practitioner, multilingual translator,  writer, calligrapher

Education: University of Nottingham(PhD); University of London (MSc); University of Baghdad(MBChB)

Philosophy: Ideology in all it’s forms, call it nationalism, communism, religion whatever, is restrictive to thinking. Look and go horizontally as vertical move narrows your perspective and limits your experience

Languages: Kurdish, Arabic,English, Persian, French

Research interests: public health, injuries, infectious diseases, chronic diseases.

Google Scholar: Nasih Othman

Researchagate: Nasih Othman