My Research

  1. Congenital heart defects in Sulaymaniyah,  Link
  2. KAP Hospital Waste in Sulaymaniyahm, Link
  3. Environmental Health Assessment Sulaymaniyah, PDF download
  4. Tuberculosis in Sulaymaniyah, PDF download
  5. Water quality assessment- Sulaimani, PDF download
  6. Water quality assessment- Halabja, PDF download
  7. Seroprevalence of Chlamydia, PDF download
  8. Maxillary midline diastema
  9. Childhood burns, Link
  10. Pseudomonas resistance, Link
  11. Female Genital Mutilation in Kurdistan,  Link
  12. Neural tube defects, PDF download
  13. Burns in Kurdish preschool children, Link
  14. Antibiotic susceptibility of S aureus, Link
  15. Suicide by self-burning in Kurdistan, Link.
  16. Burns in Sulaymaniyah province, Link
  17. My PhD thesis at Nottingham,  PDF download
  18. Burn injuries in the East Mediterranean region PDF download
  19. Infant Feeding Practices in Kurdistan PDF download
  20. Mortality trends in Kurdistan PDF download
  21. Exclusive breast-feeding in Kurdistan PDF download
  22. Situation of Older People in Kurdistan PDF download